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Home Seller :How To Sell Your Home at Asking Price Fast

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Are you putting your home up for sale but have no idea what to do to sell your home fast in a down market? If yes, we are here to help you sell your home fast without adding to your stress by providing four tips that work!

A few years ago it was very challenging to sell your home at the asking price or to get multiple offers above the asking price. Home Sellers thought the real estate market would continue to go up but the market has been dropping in home value and demand.

If you are trying to sell your home at your asking price, you should take the following steps:

Price It Right From The Start

To mark the price of the home you are selling right, research what comparable homes are selling for right now. Some sellers are not very flexible on price and homebuyers at this time want to buy homes with a flexible price. Try not to get your emotions involved to avoid getting stuck on a certain price.

Have Curb Appeal

One guarantee way to sell a home is to give your home curb appeal. You can do this by getting your home power washed. Put a fresh coat of paint on the trim and the doors. Put new exterior lights and knockers on your front area. If you have plants, make sure they look lively. These steps will have potential buyers coming through your door rather than looking from the curb.

 No Clutter

The best way to sell a home is to keep it clutter free.  When a home is organized and cleaned, potential buyers can picture themselves in the living space. Some ways to remove clutter is to take personal photos off the interior walls. Replace on the wall instead neutral framed art.

Next, take everything off your countertops. This will make it seem you have more counter space. If possible, remove clothing from your closets and put it into storage so homebuyers can envision the closet as a potential place for them to store their personal items.

 Offer Bonuses

Last but not least, add bonuses for buyers. For example, if a homebuyer accepts your asking price, offer to pay for closing costs. Often buyers worry about closing costs expense so this could be a very attractive offer for first time buyers. Or offer to pay homeowner’s association fees for a year. Think of something you wish you had the option to accept when you bought your first home.

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Source: 10 Tips To Help Sell Your Home Fast In A Down